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It is been a while given that I haven’t observed men and women who have door knobs in their homes or apartments. To be trustworthy, I actually like them and because I was a child I wondered how they functioned. Now their time has passed. Let’s say you nonetheless use door knobs, what would you do in this situation? Possibly you would exchange them, but then what? I always considered that anything at all broken or previous-fashioned can be reused. It is in my nature! Simply because I’m always an adept of recycling or repurposing items, I’ve imagined about sharing some ideas with you.

1. Use door knobs to generate decorative table numbers for your wedding.

If you dream about a story-like wedding ceremony, you will have to come with a new program to impress your guests. For a vintage outside get together, door knob table numbers could be the cherry on the cake. This is not just a new thought, it’s a daring 1, and could effortlessly turn out to be a trend in terms of weddings. Everybody will be so fired up about this!image sources one and 2.

2. Create mini vases utilizing outdated door knobs.

Deliver spring into your house with these small vases made of previous door knobs. Yes, it’s possible! Even though they are so small, they will definitely develop a soothing atmosphere. Practical and trendy, this mini  vases are excellent for small flowers, and you will not need to have significantly area for them.

3. Use them as wine stoppers.

Wine lovers will enjoy your creativity while vintage fans will raise a glass in your honor. To form this fantastic concept you will want a cork and an outdated door knob. This is a quite effortless DIY undertaking, it shouldn’t get you far more than a single hour to accomplish it. A door knob wine stopper can also be the perfect gift for wine connoisseurs. For a lot more data regarding this DIY project, click here. Cheers!

4. Vintage Photograph holder.

Photos are a single of the greatest methods to preserve our recollections, so why not show them in an original way? A vintage photograph holder created of a door knob sounds creative adequate to amaze anybody.  The only point you will have to do is to uncover some wire and play with it (wrap it to the door knob). For a greater seem, you can also paint the door knob, or to attach numerous beads or pendants. Think you can’t do this? See how easy it is.

five. Use door knobs to hang coats, bags, jewellery or towels.

Aren’t we all sick of the normal coat racks or hangers? I sure am, and that’s the major explanation why I’m often looking for something new. Normally speaking, they search the identical, but not this hanger. It can be employed anyplace, from coming into the home to the bathroom, kitchen, or even in the bedroom. Not to mention that it is excellent for ladies, this could be an easy way to keep their jewellery.picture sources: 1 and two.

6. Use them as tie backs.

If you wonder what you ought to do to highlight the beauty of your residence, the answer might be simpler than you feel: all-natural light. Let it movement within your house, by employing curtain tie backs. Use a vintage glass or crystal door knob to bring a sophisticated touch. Then appreciate the see!

7. Use them as a curtain rod finish, or to replace one particular.

Speaking of curtains, why commit income on curtain rods when you can construct them your self, and nearly for cost-free? Verify out this tutorial (DIY Curtain Rod for Below five Dollars) and perhaps you’ll think about it. Or maybe you will choose not to use curtain rods any longer, and consider to exchange them with antique door knobs. It is worth trying, don’t you consider? Plus, the curtains appear great connected by them.

8. Drawer knobs.

This is most likely 1 of the simplest and most typical approaches to repurpose a door knob.  Don’t tell me that you haven’t imagined about it! This is an excellent idea for the bedroom drawers. Add a fresh search by changing the old drawer knobs with door knobs.discovered on web site.

9. Use them to produce backyard stakes.

Spring has come we can only picture how lovely and complete of lifestyle your backyard is. Do not you feel you require some garden stakes? They are extremely helpful, specifically when you have a big variety of plants. Develop your own garden stakes by utilizing rebar (quick for reinforcing bar) and, of program, vintage door knobs. You can pick a particular colour for a certain plant, or you can attach name plates. It’s easy, you will possibly be capable to finish this venture in about 15 minutes concept identified here.

10. Decorate your jar lids.

Normally speaking, in terms of design and style, jars can be utilized to keep items or as a décor item. If you use them only to keep things, you could use a way to open them faster. Repair a door knob in the middle of the lid, so that you can easily open and close them.

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